Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABC Date Nights/"E"

Well, you would think we would be getting the hang of this by now.  I knew that "E" might be a bit difficult. I intermittently threw myself into it racking my brain for something exciting and different.  I was sure I would come up with something.  In my defense, we were in the middle of a simple ridiculously expensive and unbelievably "if anything can go wrong it will" kitchen remodeling project.  Oh-so-charming-son had offered to build us a window seat and that project wasn't so bad---just messy---and like all projects, took longer than we thought it would.  It was the decision to buy new appliances that went almost demonically awry from the beginning.  I had been struggling with buying new ones for two years.  My old appliances (and by old I mean eighteen years+ old) were ugly.  They worked just fine.  But they were ugly!  And, inspired by the idea of having a new-over-the-range microwave in order to free up some much needed counter space, I finally gave in and decided to buy new. Yes, I still have some unresolved guilt.  
Choosing the appliances was a breeze compared to what followed.  Forty-eight hours after the decision, (paid for and delivery set up) our salesman called to inform us the refrigerator we chose was discontinued.  Sigh.  Small setback.  We just had to choose a different model.  
A few days later, our new fridge, stove and microwave were delivered.  The delivery guys were from the start a bit disinterested and somewhat rude.  The stove arrived dented. Our woodwork was scratched. The fridge also arrived scratched and it was TOO big! Apparently, a "standard" fridge in America is now approximately the size of a small vacation cottage in Vermont.  Appliances sent back to store.  New fridge has to be "counter-depth."  Oh, the terms I am learning!  Our salesman informs us over the phone that counter-depth refrigerators cost between $500-$1000 MORE than "standard."  Aforementioned guilt revs up. add to the mayhem, I had already posted and SOLD my old appliances on Craigslist.  Had I not, I would have stopped the madness that moment and loved my ugly, old appliances until the day they died.  However, I did not have that option anymore. In fact, I didn't even have a stove anymore.  Craigslist guy had already picked it up.  Somehow, I DID have the presence of mind to ask him to wait on picking up the fridge until we had our new one. 
Third trip back to Appliance Store.  Choose third refrigerator.  Price quoted=$300 more than original fridge.  Not too bad we decide, and think we have narrowly escaped financial disaster.  The day of my hopefully new, undented, unscratched appliances delivery arrives and I see that my invoice is highlighted, "customer owes difference of $1400!"  WHAT????  Call the appliance store.  "Must have been some kind of mix-up, but sorry, that's the price."  What else can possibly go wrong? I simply cannot justify spending this much money on a fridge.  Appliances sent back. Again.  
Enter oh-so-charming-son to the rescue who works at Best Buy. (I didn't want to go there in the first place b/c of the whole "big box" label and wanted to give a smaller business our order, buy American, etc...)  Choosing a new refrigerator, stove and microwave was no problem.  But, the counter-depth fridge is on back order because the "Made in America" Fridge I wanted is waiting for the parts to come from JAPAN so it can be assembled here.  
At this juncture I thought, well at least nothing can go wrong with the window seat since my sweet husband was completing that project.  Wrong. The fabric we chose? Discontinued!
So date night, which in hindsight, probably should have been postponed, sadly consisted of enchiladas and after that, errands.  

 We were exhausted. adjective
depleted in strength, energy, or freshness <the exhausted homeowners grew weary of choosing new refrigerators and just collapsed>

 In the end, we're happy we didn't blow it off and give into frustration.  It gave us the chance to slow down and enjoy an evening out of the house even if we had to spend some of that time stragetizing how (if ever) we were going to complete our kitchen project.  By the time we were done with our errands, we had a more positive outlook on things. After all, it is only a small kitchen remodel.  And what is so sweet is how my kids have gotten into the the spirit of Date Nights.  Later that night we were talking and laughing about our appliance nightmare before going to sleep.  The ever-so-charming-son from the next bedroom over texted me this:
Eliminate your voices over there so I can 
Experience a good
Evening of 
Enticing sleep.
HA!  It's good to have a sense of humor about these things.  In the end, my new window seat looks beautiful and I LOVE my new stove, microwave and extra counter space!  Someday the fridge will come, right?  Blessings Abound.     

I will add that three days later I still felt so guilty about my lack of planning that I surprised my hubby at work with an Elephant Trunks milkshake from Whiteys.  (That pesky guilt emotion really needs to be addressed!)

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