Thursday, February 16, 2012

Date Night "S"

Well, I must admit this continues to get harder instead of easier!  "S" seemed like a pretty easy letter. After all, it's one of the most chosen letters in Wheel of Fortune, it's greatly coveted in Scrabble and Words With Friends and yet I was struggling. The obvious word and idea is not conducive to a blog post so I forged on.  (You can thank me later.)
Our little friend was celebrating her 10th birthday and she wanted to go roller-skating so I decided that Part One of our date would be that we go roller skating with her, rather than sit on the sidelines to watch.  Now keep in mind that the last time I skated was probably grade school and I was pretty awful then.  I didn't hold out much hope that the years had graced me with improvement, but honestly, I always wanted to try again.  It seems a little unfair that Hubby is a natural at all things athletic.  And that should give you a heads up of what the afternoon was going to look like!
This is what I envisioned in my "Well, I AM older but surely I'm more coordinated now" version. 

No surprise to anyone but myself--THIS was much closer to reality.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch rink Hubby was skating with all the finesse of an Olympic contender.

My secret thrill was seeing all the little kids hang onto Hubby for dear life. Before long they were all tangled up in a sea of legs which resulted in a pretty funny trip and sprawl effect.  I would have taken a picture of it, but it was considered such a risk for me to skate with our camera that I didn't get a chance to snap that one.  So here's the two of us.  I'm smiling because I'm not falling and Hubby is, well, probably just delighted that I didn't take him down one more time.
The date must not have been a total loss because on the way to our car hubby whispered this sweet nothing in my ear: "Next time we should try ice skating."
Thank the Good Lord that we've already covered the letter "I"!!
Later that night for Part Two, we went to a mall where we each had to spend $10.00 in seventeen minutes buying something for each other that started with the letter "S".  I went for the obvious--St. Louis Cardinals memorabilia and Hubby went much more literal. He was quite proud of the fact that he scored two items with two "s"'s in them.  Sea Salt and Strawberry Sweetheart truffles.  Afterwards, we shared a shake at Whiteys. Actually, I cannot tell a lie.  We wanted to share a shake because it starts with "S" but the truth is we each got our own thing, didn't share it and it didn't start with "S" but hey, there's some things you just can't mess with.  Like ice cream.

One last thing--Happy 10th Birthday to our sweet ZamZam.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try something new!