Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ABC Date Nights "F"

I thought winter had been long. And then came Spring.  Our Cold Gray Wet Rainy Spring gave a whole new meaning to tedious.  The lack of sunshine and the abundance of rain had taken it's toll on both of us.  I'm not a big fan of winter  I pretty much hate winter with every cold arthritic bone in my body (ask anyone who knows me about the incessant whining) but the last few years I've made a concentrated effort to suck it up.  So, when Spring rolls around I'm ready for winter to be OVER as in Enough Already.  By this time we had endured March which if you're asking me felt an awful lot like January and February.  April wasn't much better.  Maybe worse.  This particular Date Night took place in mid-April during which we'd had a record-setting total rainfall for April.  We found it a bit challenging to to come up with any new ideas that took place inside. There were SO many things we could have done if only we lived anywhere but in the Land-of-Winter-is-Never-Going-to-End.

For example, we could have gone Fishing--
Not even close to being one of my
favorite things to do, but doesn't this
look romantic? However, unless I
wanted to go rain and ice fishing I'm thinking
this was not going to happen and
somehow I don't imagine this beautiful
picture when I think of ice fishing.
More like shivering, which I've done
enough of, thank you.  Pass.

Ideas flowed but not as quickly as the clouds multiplied.  On top of that, my hubby was sick with what started out to be a cold, evolved into a sinus infection and for the grand finale---pink eye!  He gets sick about once every three years so I guess he was due.  However, he insisted on persisting.  He claims to have had ideas but he pretty much came up empty.  He had my complete sympathy. It's difficult to be creative when it's been gray for days on end and your nose is alternately stuffy and runny!

Just for kicks, here's a few of the other ideas that we could have used.  Sigh. The Land-of-Winter-is-Never-Going-to-End is getting quite boring.

How about a festival?  It didn't have to be anything fancy.  Like this Tulip Festival, three hours away....and doesn't take place until May.

Or, it could be spectacular.....as in flying to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Or.....this looks like fun
ahem....I threw this one in to see if anyone was still paying attention!


Ferris Wheel Ride?

However, we have tweaked the rules a bit for future Date Nights. 
Date Night is allowed to be postponed to a nicer day (assuming there IS one in the forecast.) 

If necessary, Date Night is allowed take place in a tropical location.  
Whatever it takes.

(Ironically, as I post this, we are enjoying a record breaking temperature of 93! in MAY?!)  Wow, it is so true--"If you don't like the weather here, just wait about 5 minutes. It'll change."---Mark Twain


  1. i like the mark twain quote. perfect for today!! PS i have a fun G idea... if you need any ideas that is.

  2. What a fun idea. I love planning things and I certainly love being planned for. I can see how this could really bless a relationship. You are thinking of the other during your planning or as the one anticipating the plans!