Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ABC Date Nights/"C"

  More rainy days and cold nights had me wondering if staying "in" for Date Night would be a better alternative.  Though I knew it would require more effort from me I chose "Candlelight Dinner" for my turn.  Indeed it did prove to be a bit more work but it was also fun to plan and I finally had a chance to use some candles that I've had for years and years.

Once I decided on a menu I was off and running.  I found a recipe for Teri Tips that proved to be excellent although I have never in 30 years of cooking purchased $$ Filet Mignon $$.  In honor of Date Night, I splurged and we were not disappointed.  Having blown most of my budget on the aforementioned filet mignon, I simply added yummy mashed potatoes and vegetables to the meal.  It was fun to prepare a "special" dinner and to anticipate my hubby coming home from work to a dinner complete with ambiance.  Seriously, why don't we do things like this more often?

Later, for dessert and keeping with my 'C' theme we had Chocolate Cake for dessert.

Sounds silly, but it was enjoyable to actually sit down to dinner at the table, in our home---most meals in the last few years have taken place on our couch in front of the TV.  When our kids were little and even teens, we did our best to have dinner together frequently and it was always AT THE TABLE.  Anyone who has seen what the couch looks like after children ate there knows what I'm talking about!    Just because they're not here doesn't mean we had to turn into savages!  Candles or no candles, it certainly seemed like a more civilized and sophisticated way to go!

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