Saturday, April 16, 2011

ABC Date Nights/'B'

  It's Greg's first turn at deciding what to do for Date Night.  I anxiously awaited the day--While it was nice not to be the one who was planning, I have to say that not being in control made me a little anxious.  We had decided to leave the actual destination a surprise until the actual day so it had an element of surprise.  Now, this is all well and good when I'm the one doing the planning, but I'm not so great at being "surprised."  I'm the ultimate planner.  So much so that when planning say, a vacation, I check into every little detail to the point where I exhaust myself and everyone around me.  I realize that it's good for me to step out of my comfort zone and let someone else take over and JUST GO WITH IT.  I have found that I can and do survive with nary a scratch!  Without, further ado......the date.

We pull up to Borders and I'm elated!  I could spend a lifetime there and I quickly got lost in one of my favorite worlds.  Time flies and before I know it, I notice Greg out of the corner of my eye, patiently waiting.  Turns out looking through magazines (that would be Greg) does not take nearly as much time as picking up every other book you see, (and this would be me) examining the back cover, perusing the first few pages and....yes....sometimes, I confess to just holding the book up close simply to smell the sweet scent of fresh-print-and-never-before-read pages.  (I know it sounds pretty crazy, but being cheap has caused me to be a Library Girl and for the most part the books I check out are frequently VERY well used, and some of them sometimes even have dried food on them!) Weary of the magazine section, Greg implored me to move along to Part B of our "B" date night and we proceeded to Famous Dave's for BBQ.  By this time we were both pretty hungry and we quickly devoured our dinner.  It was another cold and rainy evening, so we called it a night and headed home.  Date Night was over again for the week and already my brain was spinning with ideas for next week.....What to do, what to do??

By the way, these are the two books I actually purchased that night.......
One Thousand Gifts

The Book Theif

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