Thursday, March 15, 2012

Date Night "T"

Well, we are quietly winding down our Alphabet Dating.  It's hard to believe we started this nearly a year ago and yes, we've taken a few breaks but we are determined to finish strong!  How that will happen is yet to be discovered as some of the most difficult letters are ahead of us!  Hubby decided to sprinkle pelter the night with an abundance of "T"s.  It was a Thursday when he texted me to tell me "Date Night is On!"  I asked him if we were going out or staying in and when he wrote back "staying in and I'm cooking" my response was....."fine with me" and I snuggled deeper into the couch with my book.  About an hour later he sauntered in with dinner:

                                               Tossed Salad
                                               Texas Toast
                                               Turtle Pie

I had to laugh because he actually bought ciabatta rolls to go with dinner, and later said, "I didn't care what kind of bread I bought--I was calling it Texas Toast!  I also love it that for Hubby "cooking" was purchasing the above items and heating them up or taking them out of packages! However, I am always grateful for a night off from cooking and was happy to sit down to a delightful dinner not prepared by me!
Dinner wasn't all that started with "T".  Rounding out the evening was two tulips, a game of Ten Things I like about you, and a movie, The Tourist!  When Hubby gets a hold of a letter he takes it seriously!!

I know I've said it before but even though we both search and sometimes exhaust ourselves for ideas it honestly doesn't matter what we end up doing.  It's fun to be the person who plans and it's fun to the person who get planned for.  Either way it's a win-win!  Now that we're nearing the finish line, I find myself wondering what other theme we could come up with for the next round of Date Nights.  But first, we have to make it through U, V, W, X, Y and Z.  -------Aaaargh!

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