Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ABC Date Nights "H"

How lovely it is to be the one planned for.  As much as I enjoy planning our dates I always look forward to the nights when hubby does the planning!  I have to admit that often I cheat a little a whole bunch and do some online hunting for date ideas.  Hubby usually just wings it.
When I first came into our dining room, Hubby was scurrying about and asked me if I wouldn't mind going back outside and doing yard work for a little while longer!  Hmmm.
When I was finally summoned, this is what I found:  A group of pictures on my dining room table all arranged with the picture side down.  I was instructed that this was the "Hand" match game and my instructions were to match each picture of someone in our family with a picture of their hand.  I only got mixed up once when I incorrectly matched the son-in-laws hands!

Pictures of all those I love and their "hands"

With that game quickly over, I was now advised that there was something new in the house and I had to "hunt" for it.  Wonder of all wonders, this actually took a bit longer.  Evidently, finding things is not my specialty!  (see "G" date night for further explanation!)  I think I went throughout the house at least three six or seven times trying to find the object.  I was close to resorting to an old-fashioned game of hot and cold when finally I looked up and found that hubby had added a new pitcher to a group of dishes I have above my cupboards.

It's the pitcher on the right!
One thing I can pretty much count on is that when it's hubby's turn to prepare we will be going out to eat!  (No complaint here!)  We went to Huckleberry's Pizza where as usual, we had yummy, cornbread crust pizza!  But, Date Night wasn't over yet....Apparently, my husband does cheat a little and had googled a recipe for cookies that start with "H."  He previously bought all the ingredients, so we proceeded to make dessert---"Haystack Cookies" together.  There are so many versions of this recipe and this is the one he chose:

They were pretty good and EASY!  We are still so surprised how fast Date Nights speed by.  (Kind of like life!)  It was almost 10:00 before we could eat these and by that time we were fading fast!  What can I say?  We're getting old!  We are also still amazed by how much this intentional planning of time together has brought us closer together.  It really doesn't matter what we do, it's just enjoyable to be doing something different whether you're the one planning or being planned for!  God is indeed doing a "new thing" in our marriage and for that we are both truly grateful.  One thing I can be certain of is that God is not surprised at all.  Turns out that being obedient to Him is a direct path to being blessed!

Zechariah 4:6 says, “You will not succeed by your own strength or power but by My Spirit, says the Lord.”  


  1. I am very impressed and inspired as a recent empty nester.

    I love Haystacks!

  2. Thanks Grandma Shelley! I LOVE your blog and can't wait until I have more grandchildren to try all your fun ideas with them!

  3. Hi, Laurie! Just stopping by to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, "A Shelter from the Storm". I wish I had more time, energy, and focus to write more often than I do. After an unexpected opportunity at the end of last year to move to Michigan, everything moved at lightning speed and we now live outside of Detroit! You mentioned living in the midwest, too. Anywhere near me? Now that we're here and the cost of living is so much less than what it was in Portland, Oregon, our former home, it looks like our daughter will finally have the opportunity to move out completely on her own. She tried the roommate route a few years back and that ended disastrously, ha! The cost of living was SO expensive there she just couldn't afford a place on her own. So...after almost 37 years of marriage, it looks like we'll FINALLY enjoy the empty nest! I don't know why that is something that overwhelms so many women...I'm looking forward to it!! Hope you continue to come back to visit again.